BEHIND RAMÉ as independent brand

This brand was born after half a year of sabbatical experience across the exotic southeast Asia, where simple live, majestic nature and live now as the life motto, brought a new way to see the whole living experience. Less is more and we have to take care of each other and our only home, the mother earth. These magic elements mixed together have been the bases for RAMÉ Ethical Wear. Where the founder, a Spanish professional from the communication sector, has bet to take part where fashion and sustainability could meet in harmony.

Ethical wear, between Bali and Barcelona

RAMÉ repel mass market. Our business model is based in launching collections with limited stock following our philosophy of fair trade commerce. Each garment has a soul and story behind that we, along with the consumer, will live together. For this reason, each collection is created so that it could withstand the ever changing season and fashion trends because of its simple but timeless design and quality.

Please enjoy our collections!